“Super Saturday: Get Vaccinated” Chinese Community Vaccine Campaign

  • October 11, 2021

Events Description

11 Oct, Chao Yu, Chair of Aotea Sport and Recreation Association was invited by MP Naisi Chen to join as committee member to launch Chinese Community Covid Vaccine Campaign. “Super Saturday: Get Vaccinated” dated 16 Oct. Chao Yu played the role of Volunteer Coordinator in this campaign, introducing the work plan for this vaccine campaign.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern joined the meeting and also made a speech. She highly praised the high vaccination rate of the Chinese community and other Asian Community, and with the efforts of people from all walks of life, the current vaccination rate of Asians, including the Chinese community, is the highest in the country. Only those over the age of 50 are relatively low compared to Asians, and this group is the most vulnerable and needs attention. The Prime Minister urged everyone to work together to continue to persuade those who have not yet been vaccinated and have doubts about the vaccine. Only vaccination is the best support and protection for individuals, families and communities.

Finally PM Jacinda learned to say “请打疫苗“in Chinese.

10月11日晚上7:30,由国会议员陈耐锶号召成立的 “疫苗华人全员行动小组” 召开了线上 动员会议,华社侨领、行业领袖等100多位华人参加了此次动员会。总理Jacinda Ardern 也莅临会议。

总理Jacinda Ardern表示,她很感谢华人群体对推广疫苗做出的努力,华人群体疫 苗接种率很高,这是对自己以及社会负责任的做法,在此,她想对大家说一声“谢 谢”。



随后,陈耐锶议员还教总理Jacinda Ardern一句中文:“请打疫苗” ,鼓励大家接种 疫苗。

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