Skateboard Trial Day

  • August 16, 2021

Events Description

We worked with East Skate Club to do Trial Day for Asian kids in East Auckland in Llyord  Elsmore Skatepark. Many thanks to Arron and his team assist to be facilitators.

40 Kids with different ages attent the trial program. Most of kids never touch skateboarding. However after trial,they even can skate for a while.  After Trial,we will develop Skateboard classes for any kids who love ride better. 

今天我们联手东区滑板俱乐部开展亚裔儿童滑板体验日!40位孩子参与体验. 体验活动分2个小时. 每个小时20个孩子分组体验. 大部分孩子没有玩过滑板,但是在教练简单说明下可以滑行一段距离了. 家长们很开心,我们收到很多赞扬以及鼓励!

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