2020 Coastal Fun Run Duder Regional Park Auckland

  • September 30, 2020

Events Description

2020 Coastal Fun Run is a run/walk from Duder Regional Park to Te Puru Park in Beachlands, Auckland, New Zealand that takes place on the 8th Nov 2020.

Aotea Sport and Recreation Association proud to be one of partner to hold this event. We aim to encourage people to keep fit and have fun in the outdoors. Our modern living is too focussed on indoor and sedentary activities which has huge impacts on the physical and mental health of all community.

To buy the entry tickets please visit https://www.rotarycoastalrun.nz/index.php

For more event information please visit https://www.rotarycoastalrun.nz/event-overview.php

2020 Coastal Fun Run将于11月8日举办。本次环海岸线乐趣马拉松是从Duder地区公园到Beachlands的Te Puru公园的跑步或者散步活动。

ASR 华人体育文化活动中心很荣幸成为此次活动的合作伙伴之一。我们的现代生活过分注重室内和久坐的活动,这对所有社区的身心健康都产生了巨大影响。我们旨在鼓励人们保持健康并在户外玩得开心。希望更多华人社区朋友参加报名。

报名请登录 https://www.rotarycoastalrun.nz/index.php


Events Details

  • Location:

    Beachlands, Auckland

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