2018 Heritage Culture and Education Trip

  • April 27, 2018

Events Description

2018 Heritage Culture and Education Trip

From 27 April to 29 April 2018, Aotea Sport and Recreation Association which co-operated with Auckland Whau Chinese Association held the Heritage Culture and Education 3 days and 2 nights Trip.

We will discover Waitangi Treaty Ground, feature the newly opened Museum of Waitangi, historic Treaty House, the magnificently carved meeting house and the world’s largest ceremonial war canoe, which is one of New Zealand’s most important historic site.

From this trip, it is very importance that we can learn more about New Zealand’s Traffic Rules, Local Culture, NZ History and Life Style, which making it easier for new settlers to integrate into local society, being physical and mental health.

2018 新西兰 Paihia 历史文化体验游

为了让更多新西兰海外华人了解当地的历史文化,让老年人重返社会,接触人群增加沟通,改善老年人身心健康,学习更多交通规则,ASR华人体育文化活动中心与Whau 华人协会组织了一次3天2晚Paihia 历史文化体验游。 本次活动大约有40人参与。参观了Waitangi 博物馆,怀唐伊条约签署地等历史遗迹。 学习很多当地毛利文化和新西兰战争历史。

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    Auckland, New Zealand

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